Handy Stores

You have the option of providing the material for the job or we may purchase it for you. If we purchase the material, you will be charged at the same hourly rate.

If your project is not very big, the best places to buy are:

These stores usually don't offer discounts but they have convenient locations and a large selection of renovation/construction materials.

The cost of the building materials is key to staying within the budget for your project. Costs of the project will increase with the size of the project. The larger the project, the more money you may want to save on building materials.

Save $ With Our Discounts

Our buying power allows us to have discounts since we buy in large volumes. We want you to save money, so our clients are able to use our rebates at the following suppliers:


Our Services


Start at as low as $69 / 1st hour

$25 / each additional 1/2 hour